​​​​​​​Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Ongoing Research


Ongoing Clinical Trials

  1. Analysis of Molecular Alterations in Sarcoma/Melanoma using Immunohistochemistry, Gene Sequencing and Expression Profiling
    This research study hopes to understand sarcoma/melanoma at the molecular level, how sarcoma/melanoma proteins interact with each other and how drugs patient may be taking interact with tumour. By understanding these key events and proteins at the molecular level, we hope to learn more about the function of these proteins and how sarcoma/melanoma develops.

  2. Circulating Tumour Nucleic Acids in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours [A subproject of Omics Happens in Oncology within the POLARIS Program]
    This research study hopes to find develop new blood tests (“circulating tumor nucleic acids”) that enable doctors to estimate the amount/volume/quantity of cancer. By being able to estimate the amount of disease, doctors may be able to monitor the amount/volume/quantity of disease in relation to treatment better. In short, we are developing these new tests to enable doctors to know if the amount of cancer is being reduced by treatment i.e. is the treatment working. We envisage these tests may have the potential to be used in the early detection of cancer.

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