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Chairpersons' Message

“What is sarcoma?” is a common refrain we all hear too frequently from your patients as they first walk through our doors. For many, it would be the very first time they hear of this frightening diagnosis called “sarcoma”, and at the same time juggling with all the uncertainties and what little (and very confusing) information out there in the public domain. This is of course very understandable as sarcoma is uncommon and there is little precious information out there in the open. And even if there was, it is oftentimes hard to digest and make sense of it all. It is therefore with this specific purpose in mind that the Singapore Sarcoma Consortium in collaboration with the Asian Sarcoma Consortium undertook this vital task of developing a patient-centric sarcoma website to raise the profile of sarcoma in Singapore and Asia. It is hoped that through this digital platform, we are able to disseminate this important information on sarcoma to patients, families and healthcare providers alike quickly and accurately.

This website has 4 main aims. Firstly, to serve as a useful patient resource on the various types of sarcomas such as bone, soft tissue, gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) and adolescent and young adults (AYA) sarcomas including Ewing’s and rhabdomyosarcoma. Secondly, provide the latest up-to-date medical information on diagnostics and therapeutics of sarcoma serving as an important library of information for all healthcare providers.

The site also hopes to showcase the sarcoma research that is going on in Singapore and within the Asian Sarcoma Consortium and provide a digital platform to highlight the clinical trial opportunities in the region for all our patients. Lastly, we envisage this website to serve as a one-stop centre to capture and broadcast all professional and patient-related sarcoma activities in the country and region, making it infinitely easier for us to reach everyone interested in these events. If this website is useful to you, please do share it with others!

Adj A/Prof Richard Quek

Co-Chairperson Singapore Sarcoma Consortium
Chairperson Asian Sarcoma Consortium

Senior Consultant
Medical Oncology
Parkway Cancer Centre

Dr Mark Edward Puhaindran

Co-Chairperson Singapore Sarcoma Consortium

Senior Consultant and Head
Division of Musculoskeletal Oncology
National University Health System

11 Hospital Drive, Singapore 169610


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